Raisa Ghazi is an award-winning global public speaker on Inclusive Leadership and Women's Leadership. She calls herself the Robin Hood of Leadership, providing free leadership training to communities that have been marginalised while developed governments and profitable organisations pay the full price. Forbes and the Dutch Soc. & Econ. Board have acknowledged her a leader in her field. She's the highest-scoring lecturer in her program field at the prestigious University Nyenrode, a Dutch Social & Economic Board columnist and recognized as 50 influential Muslims 2023 Europe.


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Leadership is Raisa's passion! She provide keynotes, workshops, and moderates events on Leadership worldwide. You can find her at conferences in the USA, the Middle East, India, Europe, and South America. Inclusive Leadership and Women's Leadership are her areas of expertise. Through interaction, practical exercises, and inspiration, she give professionals a sense of ownership regarding leadership. Are you ready to be the leader you've always wanted to be? Book Raisa to help you become that!


Raisa's life's purpose is to create more diversity, equity & inclusion, increase cultural diversity, tolerance towards people of determination, and women's leadership/ female leadership. Inclusion looks different worldwide, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Caribbean; She has experienced the significant differences firsthand. A strong DEI&A agenda is critical to achieving the UN’s SDGs. 


Empowering thousands of professionals in the workplace by promoting the Growth Mindset, that's what Raisa does best. She enables a culture of lifelong learning, openness to feedback, high-productivity and collaboration. This mindset is the basis of managerial training for global technology firms like Google and Microsoft. Is your organization next?


At conferences and summits, Raisa provide show-stopping talks for curious audiences on the seven global tech revolutions, also known as the 5th industrial revolution. She presents trends, cultural and geographical influences on how we think about technology and a framework for developing safer technology which includes more Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

"My life’s motto is: If you can’t beat the fear, 
just do the thing scared"


Launch World Hijab Day Social Media campaign
1st of February
The Netherlands
Inclusive Leadership lecture @ University & Radio interview 
8 & 9th of February, 2024
Doha, Qatar
Women's Leadership Strategy workshop
19th & 20th of February, 2024
Saudi Arabia
Women's Empowerment workshops & Advanced Women's Leadership Strategy workshops
February, 2024
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Growth Mindset Keynote
6th of March, 2024
Women's Leadership Strategy workshops
9 & 17th of April, 2024
Inclusive Leadership Lecture Nyenrode Business University
16th of May, 2024
Coruna, Spain
Women's Leadership Summit 
27th & 28th of June, 2024


Watch These Videos of Raisa

Unveiling Success: 6 Proven Women's Leadership Skills

In this TEDx talk, Raisa Ghazi, an award-winning global public speaker and advocate for women's leadership, discusses the media's portrayal of women wearing hijabs and the resulting subtle and overt discrimination, something she experienced herself during a physical attack in Amsterdam.


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Learning Financial Independence With The First Female Finance Minister Of The Netherlands

While on my mission to teach financial independence to women across the globe, I had the privilege to chat with a woman who broke the glass ceiling in the Netherlands. Yes, you guessed it! Mrs. Sigrid Kaag, the first-ever female Finance Minister of the Netherlands. The tone was light, the chat was spirited, and boy, did we dive deep into finance, women, and the delicious blend of both.

Interview With H.R.H Prince Constantijn Van Oranje: Women In The Startup Scene

On my journey to empower women across the word and make the workplace diverse and equal, I had the immense pleasure of interviewing H.R.H Prince Constantijn van Oranje about the pressing need for more equality in the tech sector and the steps he's taken to reduce bias. Known to many as the Prince of the Netherlands, in the tech scene, he's recognized as a massive influencer and a champion of gender equality.

Morning Adhkars: Starting Your Day with Spiritual Reflection

Begin your day with spiritual upliftment through the Morning Adhkars. These powerful invocations offer refuge in Allah, seeking protection from the whispers of Satan and embracing the blessings of a new day. From seeking forgiveness to expressing gratitude, these adhkars encompass a range of supplications to align your intentions with the divine. Embrace the serenity of dawn with these heartfelt prayers, setting the tone for a day filled with faith and devotion.

Passion Projects

100 stakeholders took the first Women's Leadership Pledge in the United Arab Emirates on the 29th of August, 2023
Stakeholders pledge their alliance to the sustainable growth of women leaders. This will be achieved by 1) Creating widespread awareness of the barriers women encounter in the workplace and what is needed for sustainable growth, 2) Providing support to women in the development of skills that are critical to success and becoming more sustainable by connecting education institutes to stakeholders, and finally, 3) By requesting the alliance of important stakeholders in our society to help women grow today for a better tomorrow. The goal is to spread this movement worldwide.
Combatting lack of women in technology: I founded a nonprofit platform for promoting women in technology
In 2018 I noticed that the Dutch technology industry significantly lacked diversity and inclusion. That’s why I founded a platform (High Tech Tea) that promoted a feminine tech industry. Within three years, the High Tech Tea: attracted thousands of women who visited events that encouraged more Female Tech Entrepreneurship, stronger Female Leadership skills, and increased Financial Literacy through tech and was promoted by the Dutch Royal Family.
Combatting lack of women inAfter entering a national challenge, I won a government grant for an educational program for refugees & asylum seekers in coding
In 2019 I won a grant to help the Dutch government solve the challenges they experienced with unaccompanied and minor asylum seekers & refugees. I proposed to teach them the universal language of coding to develop a better prospect. Helping these youngsters learn how to program robots and develop critical digital skills was the most valuable experience of my life.


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